Hannah, 19, South Wales.
Alan Jones ♥

i like southern comfort, being the little spoon, travelling, sleeping as much as possible, spontaneous nights, frosty mornings, buying too many clothes and making myself poor weeks before payday, romance and winter !♥

Ill be a student nurse in September :D
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Loving the weather today! Driving to my sisters for the night then shes cooking me a beaut sunday dinner tomorrow :) Not keen at all on working nights tomorrow though..

Picking up my car tomorrow! So excitedddd! Having the most amazing year this year. Could not be happier!

it’s all well and good passing your driving test and that but its so frustrating trying to find the right car. HOW ANNOOOYYYINGGG. Someone just throw a clio or a corsa at me and ill be happy thanks (Y) I’m fed up of car shopping already !!!!!!!

Passed my frigging driving test aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh :D soooo bloody happy!!!

Anonymous writes:
so why are you being so boring and not showing some skin i remember you being a slut

Hahahaha this is hysterical. Definitely encouraging me to ‘show some skin’

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